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Welcome! Our purpose is to support leaders and companies to create climates and cultures that deliver sustainable results. We’re specialists in coaching and team facilitation with deep business experience at senior level.

leadership starts with ONE leader

transformation starts with ONE choice

growth starts with ONE insight


the one to one space

one to one coaching for the real world

the one to one space

We work with you on the live challenges you’re facing right now. We use advanced coaching methodologies that tap into your analytical as well as your creative skills. You get results every session, gaining profound insights that enable you to take action straight away and become a more effective and impactful leader.

the team space

tailor-made workshops for busy teams

the team space

We create with you an engaging, interactive space that allows you as a team to collaborate on live business issues and in parallel address key team performance challenges such as conflict, role confusion and low trust.

the strategy space

aligning leadership behaviours and culture

the strategy space

We facilitate an exploratory space in which you as a leadership team shine a light on leadership behaviour and find ways to drive a culture more fully aligned to your vision & strategy.

... collaboration starts with ONE connection ...


within, around, between
Whether working 1:1 or with a group, we work with three different lenses. We look at what’s within, your motivations, values, the experiences that have shaped you, your style and personality. We look at what’s around you, your business priorities and challenges, the history, culture and dynamics in your working environment and the opportunities and risks. Finally we consider what’s going on in the relationships between you and others, what needs to change and how to address relationship and trust issues.

accessing your rich personal resources
Our clients all have strong intellectual and analytical ability. Our total intelligence approach allows you to access a different type of intelligence that comes from your body. Working with us, you learn not only how your mindset affects how you act, but also how your emotions, gut feel and physiology influence how effective you are as leader. Our approach enables you to manage your personal energy so that you use brain and body to full capacity.

creativity with results
Working with us is multi-dimensional. We use creative techniques to access deeper intuitive knowledge. We like to get you moving so that you can think creatively and differently. We use a variety of tools, some more conventional, others more unexpected. In all cases we maintain a strong focus on the agreed objectives and outcomes so that the results are tangible and actionable.

... a ripple starts with ONE pebble ...


We believe that small changes can make a big difference.
We believe that small changes can make a big difference. We believe in the power of one word, movement or gesture to change a relationship.
We love the intelligence of your mind.
We love the intelligence of your mind. We unashamedly also speak about emotions and gut feel. We call this total intelligence, the intelligence of mind, body and spirit. We help you to use all three to create amazing teams and organisations.
We create an oasis of calm and a space for creativity.
We create an oasis of calm and a space for creativity. This enables you to step back and feel safe enough to try new things and to voice those things that previously went unsaid.  The environment we create helps you to think well and to move forward more powerfully.
We value possibility, trust and collaboration.
We value possibility, trust and collaboration. We believe that all our clients have it in them to succeed. We are not above you, we are with you. We create the space for you and your teams to think well and to think differently, so that new possibilities emerge.
We like and respect every single one of our clients.
We like and respect every single one of our clients. We respect you enough to share with you some challenging observations if we think this is in your interest. We respect you enough to put a lot of time and energy into understanding you and your organisation, so that what we create is unique to you.
We never forget that you are human (so are we!).
We never forget that you are human (so are we!). We believe that successful organisations tap into the joy, creativity and complexity of their people and don’t treat them like machines. This is difficult. The soft stuff is very hard.

..a journey starts with ONE step ...


it starts with one is owned and run by Sarah Henbrey who began her independent career in 2012 with the formation of Sarah Henbrey Coaching & Consulting. Since then, she’s formed transformational collaborations with a number of like-minded partner coaches and facilitators. This led her to the formation of it starts with one in 2017 with the intention to do client work both solo and in partnership with other high-quality independent coaches and facilitators. Anne (profiled with Sarah below) is one of our key collaborators. All collaborators we work with are not only brilliant at what they do, they’ve also had successful corporate careers and (best of all) are kind, creative and generous people.

Sarah Henbrey

Sarah Henbrey

Sarah is an insightful and intuitive coach and facilitator, able to get to the heart of the matter quickly. Her supportive and positively challenging approach enables her clients to identify the right changes to make and then to take practical action towards transformation. In her work she draws on the fields of neuroscience, behavioural economics, somatics and psychology. She uses a range of techniques, often with a creative and experiential flavour. Sarah’s multinational corporate career included Director-level roles at Sony and Three mobile in the fields of HR, Talent Management, Leadership Development and Culture Change. She holds a Diploma in Advanced Executive Coaching from the AoEC, a Practitioner Certificate in Systemic Coaching & Facilitation and an MA in European Management from Cranfield.

Anne Wolff

Anne Wolff

As an accountant and banker in her previous career, including at Price Waterhouse Coopers and Bank of America, Anne is well-versed in the economic pressures leaders face today. She is acutely aware of the need for high quality decision-making and influence and supports her clients to deliver better business outcomes by considering both the ‘what’ and the ‘how’ of doing business. Having lived and worked in 3 continents, Anne has experienced first-hand the challenges of cross-cultural team collaboration and now specialises in supporting leaders and teams to work in a multi-cultural context. She has a crisp, clear and light-touch style, quickly building strong relationships and acting as a catalyst for change. Anne holds an MSc in Coaching & Behavioural Change from Henley Business School, a degree in Economics from Cambridge and a Fundamentals Certificate in Systemic Coaching & Facilitation.

..change starts with ONE action ...


Here’s a selection of our amazing clients past and present…

Abel & Cole The Premier League Royal Greenland Sharp British Property Federation Sony HSBC Virgin Media L’Occitane en Provence Three Vodafone Oxford University Innovation V-Inspired Royal Statistical Society Moog Inc

and a few of the lovely things they say about us…

"Sarah has a fantastic ability to simplify complex issues and make you think about things in a different way"
"My colleagues see a new air of confidence about me and a greater self-awareness"
"Sarah is a skilled facilitator who was able to quickly build the trust of senior executives, supporting me to build a strong executive team and helping us develop the right behaviors to drive the changes in our culture needed for ambitious growth"
"I have benefited from each session, not only in learning new skills but in applying them and seeing results"
"The sessions Sarah has developed and evolved for us are highly interactive,with theoretical and experiential components. She brings an innovative, high value approach to her delivery. Sarah's sessions receive some of the highest levels of positive feedback we experience"

..innovation starts with ONE idea ...




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